What’s TD?

Tech Drive Podcast

The TechDrive Podcast is for a new way to talk technology, enterprise and digital transformation.

We live, breathe and come across technology and innovation every day of our lives now, but here’s to understanding it better. We’re bringing you ecosystem stories, and delving into topics like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Pakistan’s growing startup and investment ecosystem and hearing from the people who are responsible for driving this in Pakistan.


This podcast is jointly hosted by Aqsa Tariq & Imran Khan, and presented by CXO Exchange & RapidCompute. Together, they are breaking through the technology jargon, talking to industry veterans and innovators, and showcasing the Pakistani IT industry. These are off-the-cuff conversations where you listen and learn about real life, real innovations from real people in the Pakistani technology industry.

TechDrive goes Live Pakistan Day 2021